College Prep America
is a fast-paced, entertaining worldview curriculum for families, homeschoolers, and churches:

My family loves College Prep America, and yours will too!!! We've never experienced such a well thought out curriculum the entire family can enjoy.The videos are incredibly educational and the competition makes the courses entertaining!

Eric Hovind - President, Creation Today

So right now the race is on between our two kids as to who will have the most golds again!

Shannon - Richmond VA

After 34 years as a senior pastor I have now dedicated the rest of my life to helping believers and local churches equip young people with apologetics and a Biblical worldview so that they can stand firm in their faith. I have searched for helpful materials for a number of years now and recently found College Prep America. It is the BEST RESOURCE I have found thus far for families to equip their children and could be a great tool for church youth ministries as well! highly recommend College Prep America to Christian families and to local churches!!!

Rick McGough (Founder & President of Local Church Apologetics)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I've been doing so much other school work and just finished my finals on Tuesday and now I can focus on CollegePrepAmerica!

13 year old