Common Questions

What age is appropriate to start?

This depends upon your child.  We’ve had students as young as 11 complete the course understanding approximately 85% of the information.  

Why start young?

We believe these principles and concepts should be taught as soon as children are ready to understand them.  Why?  The same secular and liberal bias that permeates our college campuses also permeates media, social media and many public school curriculums.  Our kids are being bombarded with these messages daily.

What is the time requirement of CollegePrepAmerica?

Currently there are 77 short 3 minute (average) videos to be viewed.  We will be adding more content as we go along.  At present, this is around a 4 to 5 hour time commitment that can be completed in 3 minute segments over the course of your family’s one year subscription.

Will you notify us when more content is added?

Yes, by email.

When will new content be added?

We have three episodes in various writing/production phases – an episode in the Bible module to be released this summer.  An episode in the Christianity module will follow that.  And an episode to create a new module in the “Are you Liberal or Conservative” series will follow that.

How would you recommend watching these videos with your family?

There are two basic ways, and  this video explains it best. 

What are your beliefs?

Our board and advisory board are all dedicated Christians and constitutional conservatives.  We present a conservative and Biblical worldview.  Our conservative values include limited self government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and strong national defense.

Because 70% of young people are walking away from their faith, our Biblical content is currently focused on the foundational elements of the Christian faith.  1.  That it is logical to believe in God.  2.  That it is logical to believe the Bible is His Word.  3.  That it is logical to believe that Jesus is EXACTLY who He claimed to be, and that He is the only source of salvation.

What is the best viewing device for CollegePrepAmerica? is a website that is mobile friendly.  Your fullest and easiest  experience will occur on a laptop or computer.  But all videos are capable of being watched on any mobile device that has a wifi connection.  That means tablets and smart phones and the like.

How are things different for a mobile device?

You can watch videos, take the quizzes and earn medals. However, with most mobile devices the background audio that accompanies the quizzes will not play. Most phones block this kind of audio in order to save your data bandwidth.

Can I watch CollegePrepAmerica on my TV?

You can! Here are some links for ways to broadcast your computer or laptop on your TV.â??s-screen-on-your-tv/