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Created by ThoughtStarter, CollegePrepAmerica is a website for young people that teaches conservative, biblical, and common sense principles using a new and revolutionary media format called fast draw videos.   Our format presents eye-opening concepts to the younger generation and reaches them exactly where they are - on any computer or mobile device. 

This program can be completed in one day.  However, because we designed our website to work on any mobile device students have the luxury of taking their time and moving at their own pace and schedule.

CollegePrepAmerica is about making sure our kids see and understand the big picture, the times we are living in… and everything that’s at stake.  College Prep America is about training up the next generation who will take the baton and lead this country.  It’s about instilling wisdom and discernment in young people – so that they can separate truth from fiction, fact from opinion, and very easily disregard the propaganda being thrown at them.

Parents, because you are a conservative, you may know some or even many of these concepts, but the question is…. DO YOUR KIDS Know?   ARE THEY FULLY PREPARED? 

Are they aware of the times we are living in?  The direction our country is headed?

Do they understand how bias works in News Media and dramatically affects the messages they are seeing?  

Do they understand how bias can enter into the world of science and even affect their textbooks, school curriculums, and other commonly accepted media?

Do they understand that tyranny, fear, and oppression are the norm for this world, and that liberty and freedom are extremely rare?

Do they understand the underlying principles of our free-market system, how jobs get created – and what has made America the most prosperous country the world has ever known? 

As they hear messages about the 1%, are they aware of WHO IS REALLY PAYING AMERICA’S TAXES?

Do they understand the values and principles of the Left, and what it truly means to be Progressive? Do they understand the values and principles of the Right, and what it truly means to be Conservative?

As they hear messages about the “non-caring” Conservatives, are they aware of who is most charitable?

while these questions have monumental consequences, the next questions…may have eternal consequences.

Do your kids truly understand the fundamental elements of their faith? Are they able to see and comprehend that their faith is both logical and reasonable – historically…scientifically?   Can their faith withstand the attacks presented by the experts they will encounter?

Do they understand that is it extremely logical to believe in God?

Do they understand that it is very logical to believe that the Bible is His word?

Do they know how much Christianity has transformed our world  - and that is it extremely logical to believe that Jesus IS EXACTLY WHO HE CLAIMED TO BE.

College Prep America is about nurturing the foundational elements of this hope and conviction as our kids come to truly own their faith.

How it works

Learning… made interactive, fun, and fast.

Watch a short video (typically around 3 minutes), receive your checkmark, and move on to the next.  Or if you’re game… choose to take the 3-question challenge!

These interactive challenges feel like a game show and make the whole experience fun.  But most importantly, these challenges give students “light-bulb moments” to really cement the concept they’ve just learned.

Gold medals are awarded for 3 correct answers, silver for two, and bronze for one.

Each student has their OWN unique experience… their own personalized account… customized with their own picture or avatar.

As they watch more videos and earn more medals, their progress and mastery bars rise - giving them more motivation, and allowing them to see headway they’re making.


And one incredibly unique bonus feature of CollegePrepAmerica is this: When you sign up you will not just receive one account, but FIVE.  

Yes, up to five people in your family get their own account - including Mom and Dad if they want.

These accounts all link together into a private family account. The idea is that Mom, Dad, brother or sister, can all be watching videos on their own time schedules, yet watching and learning together as a family.

And this is one place where the family can come together…it’s called “The Buzz. A private area, just for your family...  that gives updates on medals, the videos being watched… and lets everyone comment.

And in this scenario, it appears we have a very competitive family who is turning this into an interactive family game night.

Some might ask - what’s the point of all of this?

Well, we live in a day and age where there are so many OUTSIDE influences, that compete for each individual family member’s time and attention.

College Prep America is a tool that gets families talking - brings them together to connect in both playful banter and meaningful conversations.

Our goal is to become a trusted resource for parents as they begin to help their kids navigate a very complicated world and prepare them for the world ahead!

CollegePrepAmerica   - preparing students to launch!